Good King Wenceslas - Day 15

A Christmas carol with a message. I chose this hymn because I have special memories of being in a Christmas play, I was 10 years old and played the part of a maiden at the King’s table on the feast of Stephen, sitting next to the King.

I loved the whole story of a King going to help a peasant man struggling in the cold.

The last verse also resonates which calls for all Christians to bless the poor.

Some information I found:


Good King Wenceslas is a Christian carol that tells a story of a Bohemian King (907-935AD) going on a journey and braving harsh winter weather to help a poor peasant man on the feast of St Stephen (26th December on the second day of Christmas ).

The legend is based on the life of the historical Saint Wenceslas who was the Duke of Bohemia (907-935). There is a brilliant legend attached to the statue of St Wenceslas in Wenceslas Square in Prague.


The story goes that if the Czech Republic is in Danger the statue of King Wenceslas will come to life raise a sleeping army and reveal a legendary sword to bring Peace to the land.


The carol was written in 1853 by English hymn writer John Mason Neale.

You’ve probably sung a verse or two of the carol without thinking of the story it tells of the Christian values it teaches


Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Happy Christmas

Maureen & Ali Rae and family.

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