Toddler group starting 5th June!

Pop in for a chat, play, songs and lots of fun! Tea and toast too!

Parenting Course

Our new group for Mums and Babies is up and running! Held at our cosy cafe every Tuesday afternoon, 2.00-3.30pm during term time, mums can come along for a coffee and a chat and enjoy quality time with their babies. Contact Emma Kirby for more details at

We are running a parenting course, at le cafe 7:00pm to 9:30pm starting 23rd February and Ending 23 March. The parenting course designed to help parents with children between the ages of 0-10. Please contact Emma - if you are interested or would like more details.

Nativity @ St Marys 2016

Sunday 18th December at 9.30am, please come and enjoy the Christmas story performed by members of our Sunday school.


It's Back! 


After just over one year of fundrasing we have managed to get the lead back onto the Chancel roof plus a new alarm system. It's been quite a journey but all we can say is a BIG thank you to all those who helped contribute time and money to help us raise the sum we needed.

November 2016



Thank you

Bogd (Right, from the Shoulder of Mutton) handing over a Cheque to Gordon

To all who have shown support to us by helping with the roof appeal. Sandra has been around to see lots of people and has raised over £2000 from everyone who has matched her £100. We have also had a good amount raised from a street party on Church Street - thanks to Alison and Will for arranging the event. The Shoulder of Mutton also gave us a donation from every pint sold over the Christmas period. The Bingo night raised over £1000, so thank you Barbara for that fantastic result. 

All your efforts have made a huge difference.



Nativity @ St Marys

Our Nativity 2015

As you can see our nativity was a huge sucsess and a brilliant way to remember Jesus' birthday. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it such a great service.

The Appeal launched 

With the need to get going and sort out replacing the stolen lead off the church roof we have launched the apeal to make up the shortfall of the insurance. Pleae see the booklet below for details. 


Thank you to everyone who has already given so generously.

St Mary the Virgin Roof.pdf
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Confirmation Service

It was a fantastic morning with fourteen people being confirmed at St Mary's by Bishop Donald of Peterborough. The service went well, with the Bishop reaffirming the need for our continuing commitment to follow Jesus in faith. Thank you to all who came to show your support for the candidates. Also a big thank you to all who organised the food for the celebration afterwards. To each of the newly confirmed it has been a huge blessing to journey with you over these past few weeks. May you continue to grow in faith throughout your life.

Remembrance Sunday

Thanks to all who came to our remembrance services. It was a fitting day in which we humbly remeber those who gave selflessly during difficult times.

Trafalgar Day

On Sunday we remembered those from the navy who selflessly sacrificed everything so we may have the freedom we do today. Not only did we remember those who fought in the battle of Trafalgar we also remember all of the service men and women of the Royal Navy. In the picture above we are laying a wreath at the foot of John Clark's grave.


John Clark served on the HMS Victory with Nelson as a 19 year old Surgeon's Assistant - in the battle of Trafalgar he was moved to the HMS Royal Sovereign where casualties were high. When John Clark returned home he then served Weldon as it Surgeon for 44 years.

A New Perspective

Check out the view. A very rare view of one of Weldon's favourite landmarks. The Cupola on top of Weldon Church has been a guiding light for lost travellers of Rockingham Forest for many years, I bet they never had this view of it.


There are only two churches with a cupola on the tower in England. The other church just happens to be on the coast, while St Mary's couldn't be any further from the sea (in the U.K).   

Thank you for your Kindness

On Sunday we looked at Jesus' miracle of the feeding of the 5000 for our harvest theme. At the end of that service people brought up various bits of food. once everything was gathered together it seemed like enough to feed 5 000. 


On Monday people came and helped to sort it out so food was distributed to those who needed it in Weldon. The rest of the food was sent to Corby food bank, where families who have fallen on difficult times are supported by the work they do there.


A big thank you goes out to everyone who brought something along. Also a big thanks to those who sorted and distributed the food to those who need it most. 

Missing Lead

Sadly in October we had the lead taken from our roof. We are looking to make up a short fall of £7,000 as the insurance cannot cover the entire amount. We are grateful for the support that people have offered and we are keen to raise the money to get the roof repaired as quickly as possible.


We would also like to thank everyone who rallied around and got the roof water tight before the rain came. Also a big thanks to Nick who found this huge sheet of plastic and secured it on.


We now have tarpaulins on the roof that should keep us water tight until the lead is replaced.


Church Street


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